Your partner for Custody
S3 CACEIS is a leader in the markets and geographies where it operates, and it is the ideal partner that offers value-added solutions to institutional customers
Reassurance and confidence for your investments
S3 CACEIS has an excellent reputation thanks to the local expert teams and flexible technology platforms
Post-trade solutions
Our purpose is to be the best services platform for entities that require post-trade solutions in the geographies where we operate, earning the lasting loyalty of our people, customers, shareholders and communities

A global provider with presence in Europe and Latin America

S3 CACEIS is an asset servicing company specialising in post-trade functions and custody of all asset classes. As a specialist in operational process outsourcing, S3 CACEIS creates an environment that enables its clients to effectively meet their business development objectives.

With a solid IT infrastructure and the combined expertise of our shareholders, we provide execution, clearing, custody, depositary and asset valuation services in markets worldwide to assist financial institutions, global custodians, insurance companies, asset management companies and corporate clients.

At the end of 2019, Santander acquired a stake in the capital of CACEIS, bringing to it its fund administration and international custody business in Spain and Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and Colombia). With this operation, CACEIS and Santander Securities Services (S3) join forces to create a global leader in the service of institutional clients.


Our strategic priorities


Seek operational and service excellence of the current platform, through customer focus, efficiency management and risk control.


Grow jointly with our customers by adding innovative services to the current offer and exploring formulas such as co-creation.


Create a digital ecosystem for services, processes and work methodologies with a focus on the customer and user experience.


Strengthen skills to drive personal and organisational transformation through a self-development approach.

State of the art platform allowing flexible solutions

Commitment with

“On the ground” teams with large knowledge and high expertise

Front to back organization: Business management and Operations alignment

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